Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Happy New Year Quotes

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Happy New Year Quotes Free Download

 “Life is not just about how many years you lived or years in it, Life is all about memorable moments in it”. 

“A year's end is neither end nor beginning, it an experience. So letus cheer for a new year to give us good experiences.” 

“Everyone should be born again on first January, to start the newphase of life. To write a new story. To take new challenges. Togo high or down, according to situations; but one first Januaryeveryone should born one more time to create a new history andforget the past.” 

“A happy new year to all....hope you have spent a great time withme. I apologize for the mistakes I have done, for the bad things Ihave done. That was a past and we should forget that. This is anew year and come on let’s make it best year of our life.” 

“Make a move to bring something new in your life this new year,move like a butterfly on flowers, move like those clouds in thesky!!! Make a move!” 

 “The last year's words are past and they belongs to last year'slanguage. And next year is a matter of another voice. So forget thevoice of past and create new in New Year” 

 “I hope that in the coming fresh and happy New Year you willmake a lot of mistakes. Because if you are making mistakes thenit means you are trying new things, learning new things, livingin new world and you are trying to change the world. You aredoing the things which you have never done before, and mostimportantly you are doing Something.” 

 “In the past year you have done several good things and there aremany things too which you have planned to do but you have notdone it because you are scared of doing that...whatever it is you'rescared of doing, Do it now. Because this is best time to do it. Toface it. To make it happen.” 

New Year is a blank book of 365 pages, and you are going to writeit. Don't just write an autobiography, make it a Novel.

 “May the New Year bring you courage to break your resolutionsearly! My own plan is to swear off every kind of virtue, so that Itriumph even when I fall!” 

If you have enough courage to purse your dreams, then make ithappen and live a life full of dreams 

 “Another new and fresh year is here . . . Another great long year tolive!To banish our worries, doubts, and all fears,Make this New Year full of love, laugh and give! 

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