Thursday, 17 November 2016

What Does New Year Decoration Say About You?

As you make some vague conclusions about a man after his style of dress and taste in interior and decorated Christmas tree and New Year decoration in his home also suggests some traits. See what your Christmas tree and New Year Decoration speak about you.

What does your Christmas tree for you?

Natural tree

You're a traditionalist by nature, hold family values ​​and continuity in the family. You know that natural Christmas tree will create more care, but in the name of tradition and celebration, ready to sacrifice comfort. And the classic is classic!

Artificial Christmas Tree

Reasonable and moderate in nature, you prefer to bet on security and peace. No time to fuss a real tree and watching the floor is filled with needles. Instead prefer to spend their holidays in other fun activities with the family.

Small Christmas tree

Here practicality prevails. You're the person who extends within its means. You know there is no extra space for a large tree, so prefer to do something original and beautiful with what we have.

Symmetric decoration

You are a man of order, love to keep everything under control, ambitious and hardworking you. For you, the decorations is another task you want to accomplish for excellent. So bet the aesthetics of symmetry by placing each toy according to her assigned place of the tree.

Multicolored decoration

You have unusual and imaginative thinking, love to be different and stand out from the rest. Artistic and show your imagination - this is evident from the decoration of your Christmas tree. Betting on non-standard colors and unusual shapes. The result - a tree that makes an impression.

Mix of toys

You're sensitive and gentle kind used toys that you collected for years. Your sentimental nature prevents you replace them with new ones. The good thing is that in this way each time you look at the Christmas tree, remember to miles moments with family. For you, their story is more important than trends in decoration.

Many garlands

Love glamor, luxury and splendor. So your Christmas tree is covered with multicolored garlands of various shapes and sizes. Hardly you know that this is actually a retro trend that was popular in the middle of the last century. Then the tree was decorated mainly with garlands, which are descended from the top of the tree and fell freely down.

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