Thursday, 17 November 2016

Top New Year Greetings Messages For Her/Him

Let the stars remain lit over you, let the flowers still fill your heart with beauty. Let's hope took away your tears and above all let this be a wonderful New Year to you! Happy New Year!
Again this time - the beginning of a new year. I can not wait to start. We need a new start in life, right? I know I failed more than prosperity. Just because I need a new page. My wish is one such for you! Happy New Year!
The words of last year belong to last year's language, the words of this year, expect another voice. To finish something, you have to start something new. With best wishes for the new year - new luck!
Wishing the world around you is filled with warmth, happiness and good luck, cheers!Happy New Year !

Happy New Year wishes for her / him
Save smile and let the tears thinking about joy and forget the country, support the laughter and the pain left. Be happy / but because it is New Year!
12 months passed 12 new ones will come, but the memory of you will remain engraved in my mind. Happy new year, my love!
The nights are dark and bright days. I wish you a glamorous life. And baby / and do not be afraid, the Lord gives us "a new year." Happy New Year !!
Funny wishes for the new year
New Year knocking on the door and invites you to celebrate your own. My wish is to get many postcards from friends and loved ones. Happy New Year !!
Here's a wish coming year to be famous and to donate all future success of individuals!
While New Year masquerades its way through the cold winter, I send a warm "Hello" and wishes for a Happy New Year!

As the saying goes wishes for the New Year are classics of the genre ­čśë
This year will send one of their best Christmas wishes, thanks to this post. If you can not write SMS, email Christmas card or just tell them on the phone a friend can take advantage of  blessings and  friends the other day:

New Year awesome wishes:

Let it be winter,
dry sausage have.
Wine and brandy,
boyfriend Arabia.
Two white
boobs bursting.
H..y tough going,
Snow can also rain.
Happy New Year and cheers.

* * *
Happy New Year! Just translated to your bank account 365 days of luck, health and happiness. Use them with love and optimistic mood.

* * *
I wish you strong cheers, charming dunks and smiles,
success in the industry and creases in the hips,
Health in abundance and joy to frustration.
Cheers and Happy New Year.

* * *
Let health, happiness, good luck to accompany you in the future!
Much joy and money - on the water you go!
Love you always drunk and cheerful!

* * *
For the new year I wish not to visit your doctor, dentist, cardiologist, a lawyer, a tax inspector and others. such a cool chick only to bump into her lap.
* * *
Your Merry Christmas may depend on what others do for you. But New Year's future depends on what you do for others.

* * *
I wish you to discover many new things in the New Year and let these innovations bring you prosperity, love, happiness and joy in life.
* * *
I wish you a merry last night of this year. Time flies best - Christmas wishes for success and countless happy sighs you send the old year and welcome the new with optimism.

* * *
May God continue to bless you and your family with divine light, love and power. Force that will bring love, joy, peace, inner peace and overflowing kindness in the home. Happy New Year!
* * *
New Year wishes for those who still do not have a friend. I wish you in the new year to find a friend who is a perfect 99%, 99% smart 99% true, 99% and 100% talented loves you. So start looking from 1 January.

* * *
I wish you every day of the New Year to have its own value. Morning to give you hope, faith afternoon, evening to give you love. I hope that you will have all of them every day in future New Year.

* * *
Success will come in the new year, if you think positive, always smiling and your loved ones around you. This rewards all future endeavors with success. Happy New Year.

* * *
I wish you to be always at war with your vices, at peace with its neighbors, and let each new year find better friends.
* * *

With best wishes in the new year even during the dark days of you, a ray of light and happiness you shine


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