Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Romantic Happy New Year Wishes for Couples

Wishing: "Happy new year", is not same for all people. Wishing, for your valentine should be unique. You should give the heartily touch to your wishes.

I'm going to present you a collection of happy new year wishes for lovers to further strengthen  their relationships.

I can't wait for the moment I see you on New Year's Eve. I have something special to tell you.
Your tender guidance unfailing protection and constant caring heart makes me grateful to be your girl have a wonderful coming year.

On the New Year’s Day, I wish that we may walk all the paths of life hand in hand giving strength to each other.

You are my love and inspiration. I am lucky to have you as my love. Happy New Year

With Love May you bring joy to your loved ones and be surrounded by laughter and gaiety all the year round.

To my dearest loved one, may your New Year celebration be full of fervor and happiness and your life bloom up with a thousand good opportunities.

Oh my Dear, Forget ur Fear, Let all ur Dreams be Clear, Never put Tear, Please Hear, I want to tell one thing in ur Ear Wishing u a very Happy "NEW YEAR "!

Every kiss with you feels like a new years midnight kiss.

I love new years- the excitement, the lights, the kisses- but none nearly as much as I love being with you.

If the next year is half as exciting as the last i’ll be the happiest man (woman) alive.

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