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New Year Trips, Offers and Best Deals

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NEW YEAR FADO AND PORTO with the Atlantic breeze

Breakfast. Panoramic tour of Lisbon (included in price):

Cozy and warm, hospitable and romantic - Lisbon alone "tells" the story, and like a magnet attracts countless admirers. Lisbon is spread over seven small hill and is full of life, all southern cities. Everywhere hear the rhythms of traditional music "Fado" (melancholic songs, imbued with doom and nostalgia) and small tramvaycheta move almost anywhere in the city. In Belém district seen monastery "St. Jerome" - the only large building survived the earthquake of 1755., Majestic monument; here again is seen Belem Palace - the official residence of the Portuguese presidents from 1910. and since it belongs to the Museum of carriages, Belém Cultural Centre and the Maritime Museum. But undoubtedly the biggest attraction of the area is the white tower of Belém, built in the Gothic style and a certain symbol of Lisbon. Another tall building is the Iron Tower-lift "Santa Justa". It is 45 meters high and was built in 1902. a student of Eifel - the architect of the symbols of Paris. In Lisbon there is another monument that reminds of Paris - Arc de Triomphe, located at the Piazza trade in Baixa district (low city). Front decorated with beautiful carvings arch stands the statue of Jose I, and it begins the busiest street - "Augusta". Visited Alfama and ... according to the Portuguese it is "true Lisbon." In fact, this is the oldest neighborhood of the capital, located in the very heart. There are many historical sites, as well as bars, restaurants with traditional fado music. This is the place in Lisbon where you can really feel the atmosphere of the city - the architecture, the sounds and smells. One of the modern symbols of Portugal is the bridge "Vasco da Gama" - its length is 17.2 km., Which makes it not only the longest bridge in Europe, but it ranks among the longest bridges in the world.

In his spare time you can visit the Oceanarium. It is called so because in the center there is an aquarium, named "Global Ocean" and the size he really resembles water expanse. There swim over 100 different species of sharks, tuna, corals, pumpkinseed and other rare specimens. You can stroll along the Tagus alone or enjoy the shopping. In the evening you can visit a typical restaurant with fado music.


THIRD DAY: 31.12.2015, optional excursion to Mafra and Ericeira

Breakfast. Free time for individual walk in Lisbon. There are many opportunities for this day - to visit the Park of Nations Expo 98, the most interesting here is the Oceanarium, collected more than 25,000 sea creatures; visit the Museum of Gyulbenikyan if you have interest in art; climb the elevator Santa Justin to enjoy the beautiful panorama of Lisbon; to walk to the tourist tram N28 or enjoy shopping in the mall 'Vasco da Gama' in the Park of Nations, Colombo, Corte Ingles ....

Or optional inclusion in a half-day excursion additional fee to Mafra and Ericeira.

Mafra is the epitome of grandeur and majesty, here is the largest royal palace-monastery in Portugal, which is officially recognized as one of the Portuguese wonders. The composition of the palace ensemble includes basilica spectacular royal library and Franciscan Monastery. Ericeira is located on the west coast of Portugal, just half an hour from Lisbon. Cobblestone streets and sun-bleached houses in this traditional fishing village bordering one of the most beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean. Return back to the hotel.

Optionally Official New Year's Eve dinner (extra charge). Night.

FOURTH DAY: 01/01/, optional excursion to Sintra, Cabo da Roca, Cascais, Estoril

Breakfast. Free time for self-examination or optional inclusion in the full-day excursion additional fee to Sintra, Cabo da Roca, Cascais and Estoril.

During a trip to visit one of the most beautiful places in Portugal - the city of Sintra, originated in Moorish fortress built during the period of the Arab caliphate in 1147g., Conquered by King Alfonso I and transformed into summer residence of Portuguese monarchs and nobility. Lord Byron wrote about Sintra "The city is full of beauty - natural and manmade. Palaces and gardens rise among rocks, waterfalls and ravines; among monasteries built on amazing heights; it reveals a panoramic view of the sea and the Tagus ... crap landscape combines western mountains with lush greenery of the south of France. " Each of the castle is breathtaking - "Castle of the Moors," palace "Yes Pena" and the Royal Palace of Sintra are only a small part of the attractions. Sintra has been a favorite place to visit and other celebrities such as Andersen, Agatha Christie, etc. Visited and romantic palace Quinta December Regaleyra (Quinta de Regaleira) - complex of five-storey palace in the heart of the old town of Sintra. Built as a private mansion Karvalio Monteiro in the early twentieth century. Today it is owned by the municipal government and one of the most valuable treasures in the city. Some buildings extends well maintained park with lakes, caves, wells, springs, fountains and all sorts of smaller structures. The tour includes a visit to Cascais, become aristocratic resort only after King Luis I build the Palace Palacio da Citadela in 1870. In Cascais bay is famous Boca do Inferno, where the Atlantic waves crash into its shores with incredible roar. Cascais is considered one of the most expensive resorts not only in Portugal but also in Europe. In Estoril has the opportunity to see one of the landmarks of the city - the palace Palacio de Conde de Castro Guimaraes and the largest casino in the continent - "Casino Eshtorial." The tour includes a visit to Cape Roca - the westernmost point of continental Europe.

For a single walk in Lisbon - the opportunity to walk with a "lift" to special places with panoramic views of Lisbon called miradouros, one of the hills or Shiadu - one of the popular places for shopping, which covers Shiadu Square and nearby streets. It includes both old buildings and modern shopping centers. Tourists come here to buy books, clothing and pottery, and to drink coffee. This part of town has been and continues to be a meeting place for the big Portuguese personalities. You can walk to the old tram in the romantic old part of town.


FIFTH DAY: 01/02/, optional excursion to Obidos, battle, Nazare, Fatima

Breakfast. Free time for self-examination or optional inclusion in the full-day excursion additional fee to Obidos, battle, Nazare and Fatima.

During the excursion to visit the most important places related to the history of Portugal. Obidos - medieval town with white-washed houses surrounded by Moorish walls, one of the most charming places in Portugal, with cobblestone streets and small souvenir shops where you can try traditional cherry liqueur - dzhindzhinya. In the battle is the monastery of Santa Maria de battle, built in the Gothic style in 1388, setting. in honor of the oath by King Zhuau I of the Holy Virgin that will build a magnificent monastery if defeat the Castilians at the Battle of Alzhubarote. This monastery is considered the most beautiful in the country and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Nazare as a typical fishing village on the Atlantic coast offers fresh fish in numerous small restaurants. Its history is associated with interesting legends. Fatima Arab owes its name to a legend of the XII century, according to which the daughter of the famous Moorish nobleman named after the daughter of the Prophet Mohammed to Christianity by love for a knight and was buried there. On May 13, 1917. Mary appeared to three shepherd children on a local and on 13 May 1930. the phenomenon is declared true and was granted official commemoration of the appearance of the Virgin Mary at Fatima. Today, Fatima is world famous pilgrimage site visited by patients with hope for healing. He visited the chapel and the basilica at Fatima. Return to Lisbon.


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