Thursday, 24 November 2016

New Year Preparation Step By Step

On December 31, we send the old year away. This can be full of emotion and put a lot of thought, but may be just a memorable party. Which of us would not want to be beautiful, shining among others and raises admiration.

If you have not started it measures at least another month earlier, and advise all women's magazines if your hairdresser is a full schedule and no idea what to wear, comes to the rescue. We will plan your day for you.

Sleep well. Make sure you sleep at least 9 to 10 hours. Sleep is the best beautician. Natural cheerfulness and fresh look can not be replaced by any procedure.

Make your green tea or fruit juice instead of strong coffee. They tone the better, and you can drink coffee in the afternoon, for you do not close their eyes to 10:00 as it dictated our biological clock. Have breakfast, not abundant, but well.

Review your wardrobe. Now is the time. Most stores will only work until noon or early afternoon. If you need to buy something at the last minute, this is the last time.

What we have here? Nothing interesting? I do not believe. Even if you have not bought anything new, especially for the occasion, choose something you like and you feel comfortable. However, to update it with a new piece of jewelry, scarf, hair accessories, belt. Submit your favorite music and boldly Lay out everything - clothes, shoes, until you reach at least two- three options to try out further when you come actual mood.

At noon, eat something light but filling and loaded with more energy. If you eat less throughout the day will be pounced on the food of the New Year. Drink plenty of fluids, but at least an hour before and after the lunch stop to digest food. Leave your still a place for tasty food for the evening, and no one will feel great with swelling and severe stomach. If you wish - even nap after lunch. Siesta has proved invigorating practice and is a guarantee for more awake at night. Turn off the phone, drop the curtain and give yourself this one hour break.

For your good mood will take care of the music anticipation that they will spend a great night and a little secret - chocolate. All throughout the day to eat what you love and especially sweet at will. Chocolate will charge serotonin and mood. Send care about calories and weight for next year. Today, the most important is the mood. You can not make a very strong coffee, it will help digestion and give you energy for the whole night. Turn up the music and dance of will. There is no better incentive for the mood of your favorite music.

It has perhaps already early afternoon and you should consider yourself. Take a long shower. In the bathroom, do the following:

Exfoliate your body can and oat bran, mixed with clay.

Hairless, if needed - New Year's Eve sometimes hiding many surprises.

You can whiten your teeth with baking soda. Hardly is the best method for whitening, but for one night doing some work.

Make meantime mask hair and face. Whatever suits you accordingly, but do not try anything new that any advertising you convinced yesterday.

Never too late for an allergic reaction, which is not a safe, except that you will not do and more beautiful. Bet on natural ingredients.

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