Thursday, 17 November 2016

New Year Lucky Charms Pick Up

This article will offer you the best and fun New Year lucky charms to you and your company.

And do not become fortune in real test suggest you stick them on a toothpick and make them like flags, hearts, stars or whatever else you have in mind and so put them on the pie. Select a color paper or other interesting New Year's motives on which to label the New Year fortune. Improvise, decorate and get inspired!

We wish you in the new year all downloaded fortune come true!

Cheerfully welcome the new year !!!

Christmas kasmetiKloncheto of cornel you fall, health you will not escape!

New Year's fortune Health, happiness, luck, love, money -

New Year everything will go!

New Year's fortune Health you fell,
no more nasty disease.

Healthy New Year fortune will pelvis in year
lively, cheerful - to the amine ...

New Year's fortune lucky chosen, bravo -will enjoy excellent health!

New Year good luck and good luck this year hit -pada you health and prosperity!

New Year's fortune Taz year is happy
strength and health will overflow!

New Year's fortune'll stay healthy, rich,

and infinite grace,
and a trip abroad
they expected pelvis year!

Christmas kasmetiTazi year will find that any ailments you can make extinct

 Love and family
Christmas kasmetiByagay far as to expected greater engagement!

Christmas kasmetiOt love will defeated, like thunder in a clear day!

Christmas kasmetiZhenitba your luck today portend,
in the new year they will love charm!

Christmas kasmetiPada you suddenly marital happiness!

Christmas kasmetiGodina waiting beautiful, fateful, will be in the grip of love magic!

Christmas kasmetiGodinata will charm, love hovers around you!

Christmas kasmetiChesanche - clove thin -
Devils will chase ends up back outside,
And with flake lentil
wait they love hot!

Christmas Christmas kasmetiDyado decided to award you donate.
There was no late - baby when you stopped!

Christmas kasmetiS New Year lucky chose a new -
You will finally find their true love!

Christmas kasmetiOtsega start saving money -
family in the new year will rise!

Christmas kasmetiShtastie, love and understanding
Get with a new friendship!

Christmas kasmetiLyubov unearthly lekokrila veiled quickly they cover!

Christmas kasmetiZhenitba your luck today portend,
in this blessed holy night
will be your way to the temple,
with wedding ring will you captivated.

Christmas kasmetiBebe Stork will bear
in New Year
May, with papmpersi will
here next year.

Christmas kasmetiShtarkelite flew south
but baby will cry here!

Christmas kasmetiLyubov, love, love ...
whether it ready?
And do not you, it's waiting for -
Hurry, you'll miss the train!

New Year's fortune Who best man brother who you will become matchmaker.

 Luck and happiness
Christmas kasmetiChesto will rest and will pospivash- laziness you fall, but do not care berry lucky you!

Christmas kasmetiNa you Laziness falls -
laze fits you!
Will surely loosen its end
but luck will find, I know!

KasmetiPrez Christmas this year stepping forward boldly forward, because luck will lurks everywhere!

Christmas kasmetiNe kidding, you win -
luck will soon find.

Christmas kasmetiDzhakpota will win you
just slip your drop!

Christmas kasmetiKakvoto and take with you
luck will not betray you!

Christmas kasmetiSilna will and luck
I'll keep still ahead!

Christmas kasmetiStiga hop bear
happiness is waiting for the track!

New Year's fortune every day will be soaked Happiness!

New Year's fortune scooping handfuls Joy solar leave traces

 Money and work
Christmas kasmetiBezdeen will be you! You will work in the fulfillment of your dreams!

Christmas kasmetiTazi year everything will get lucky -
will win prizes and lots of money!

Christmas kasmetiPrez new year everything will go in notes
in your pocket there will be large bills!

Christmas kasmetiNovi will conquer peaks,
drop your business profitable!

Christmas kasmetiV business will go -
invest there money!

Christmas kasmetiPada you today steam -
no more to pay
to wonder and maesh
how to connect both ends ...

Christmas kasmetiNovata new year luck send you -In business achieved enviable results!

KasmetiV Christmas game jackpot will utselishi large sum of money will win.

Christmas kasmetiShte work without even stopping, will realize his plans.

Christmas kasmetiStiga you this award, steam thee falls!

Christmas kasmetiParichkite in your wallet will be as stars in the sky.

Christmas kasmetiTaz year work you pada.Ala and profit - for a prize!

Christmas kasmetiNovata new year luck -Working sends you find suitable.

Christmas kasmetiRabotata - Tis your fate, and in the office and even in bed.

Christmas kasmetiShte stand out with qualities to others
and rises - are your merits.

Christmas kasmetiZnay that you are about promotion
It deserves without doubt.

Christmas kasmetiChadarat reversed his turn,
for you tomorrow will rain money!

KasmetiKariera New Year will be a priority -
January minister, MP - ahead!

Christmas kasmetiNovo fortune pelvis year:
colleagues - United company!

Christmas kasmetiRabotata will be song and your life wonderful!
The world smile and forget your worries!

Christmas kasmetiPada you pelvis year for two of its agile -
new job waiting, but with a good salary!

Christmas kasmetiNovata year it will be controversial,
very profitable and responsible!

Christmas kasmetiNa work abroad
will leave next year!

Christmas kasmetiPari, wealth, abundance
they wait for the New Year
but with them you happy man
will tell us next year.

New Year's fortune purse to your collar - receive increased salary!

New Year's fortune Not everything is money, but will you have them

 New home
Christmas kasmetiV new house next year, will greet the new year!

Christmas kasmetiDa lucky May you patent -
in the new year you will have a new apartment!

Christmas kasmetiByala tidy cottage
Two cars in front
and chick gadget -
Tis is your new luck!

Christmas kasmetiIdva do you can sing in a new house you will live!

Christmas kasmetiNov home, comfortable and beautiful
You will have in the new year
with comfort and warmth will be filled
and you will not feel it in winter!

Christmas kasmetiKashta expect near sea -
will be generous with you, trust
New Year -
goodies will be!

Christmas kasmetiPada you a new house,
but it goes with the wife's mother!

Christmas kasmetiShte've got your house
without her mother and mother-in without!

Christmas kasmetiNova house you will have,
and live it forward two or three or four!

 New car
Christmas kasmetiS brand new car from window
you are going to have you next year!

Christmas kasmetiTazi Christmas he decides to donate a prize -
receive free something new!
You'll ride you, say, a new car with two doors?

Christmas kasmetiNa clunkers neighbor gave her that the new car will drive you!

Christmas kasmetiDobri coins will save with new-car will change.

Christmas kasmetiNyama already walking away, will you push the gas pedal!

New Year's fortune awaits you happiness 4 wheels - will have a new car.

 Trips and vacations
Christmas kasmetiPrez new year, you will travel to the mysterious sides!

Christmas kasmetiNa it falls far Road,
to wander much doomed.
But here in your native house
one will love you back.

Christmas joy they kasmetiOchakva infinite -
super trip to Europe for two!
And do not forget that you need from abroad
gifts for all by heart there!

Christmas kasmetiNadezhdata in your life going with air ticket and visa.

Christmas kasmetiEkzotichna trip
the island of magic
You will have this year
do not wait for her last day!

Christmas kasmetiAy, aye! You will travel to Dubai!

New Year's fortune management decided to double awards more days!

New Year's fortune Traveler dreams - inventor would be you!

Christmas kasmetiUcheneto continues
fruition soon set!

Christmas will get great kasmetiKasmet
- The university will learn!

Christmas kasmetiUteshitelna reward learning falls on you!
Your learning will continue, but a successful conclusion soon set!
A reward you for six math falls!

Christmas kasmetiNa you Doctrine falls,
May it your best fit.
Devise not how to truancy,
you still have exams to smash!

Christmas kasmetiBlestyashtiyat your mind will appreciate
and diploma will give you!

Christmas kasmetiZnanieto force is great and I became great!

I know what to do and I do know my quota!

New Year's fortune far from the wisdom he runs, but now you most fit!

New Year's fortune Trudy and learn - scholarship catch!

Fun and other
Big company and parties till dawn -
this is your luck for the next 365 days!

New Year's fortune creative spirit will shine, will make everyone laugh

For New Year's fortune such as you desire your assigned best ... homemade brandy!

Christmas Carousel rotates fortune ... they expected return to childhood days

New Year's fortune she will haunt fairy sunny days

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