Thursday, 17 November 2016

Love Wishes For a Romantic New Year's Eve

Here is a collection of Love wishes for New Year

Be happy, cheerful and healthy
and let every day be together,
and let your every wish,
New Year becomes a reality!

New Year brings peace, love and hope, and you will bring you a kiss from me!

If you count all the snowflakes at New Year you will not gather as much kisses as you send!
Happy New Year!

No matter how cold it will be New Year if you are to me and warm my heart!

Let the New Year spirit strengthened our love and give us strength for new exploits and successes!

Happy New Year!
I love New Year, but only when you're with me!

Let's biggest New Year gift be one from which most need and who will get the most love!

As we have to keep the fire in the fireplace in the winter, so we must keep love in your heart - with a lot of desire and perseverance!

New Year wish your love to get everything you dreamed of.
Let your wishes start coming true now!

Each New Year brings love,
shared love, beautiful,
which makes us happy,
a wise, loving, strong!

New Year light beam kissing on a cheek,
It carries a message: I love you so much love!

New Year brings love big
for all people, for you and me!
I wish you a Happy New Year,
health and happiness to eternity!

I love you and love in this New Year night you want your fondest dreams become reality now!

Let this New Year holy night to shine love for you to fill your heart and make you the happiest man!

If New Year miracles happen, let your love be shared great now!

Let love magic of New Year touch and fulfill your love desires!

Christmas is quiet Christmas is holy,
but the coolest moment is to spend it with you!

When Christmas Eve
snow tempting shines
when the candles flicker,
and the wine sparkles sparks
pelvis night go out,
starry sky look
and wishes for much happiness
I receive you with joy.

When the best holidays knocked on your door
Confront them with faith and beautiful smile,
and their reward will be health, happiness and luck
all year!

They say that Christmas night is quiet, they say it is worlds
but what could be more sacred than to spend together and noisy!
I wish you the most beautiful and true Christmas. Let every snowflake that falls from the sky is one of your dream.
And Happy New Year!

Celebrate it with joy,
live it to the happiness,
send it with health!
Happy New Year!
Let it become the captain of the ship "Happiness"
which will bring you the desired shores
where they will expect the joy and love!

In seconds outdistanced by heart rate, snow arrives on our doorstep and became very bright!
Priyzhda with thunder and music, dressed in white,
srednoshnata illusion start from the beginning - to put clear limits on its previous day, and on a clean page - the first day to write!
After the festive shots in distant areas will sreshnem new truths and humane people!
Concerns will experience will strive for new goals .... At night priyzhdat our days, as snow white!

On this night illuminated by Fortunately, tonight we are reborn again!
Tonight it regained hope in future grace joyfully!
Let festive glasses - are full, and the hearts of all of us - are merged, and the night in which all love to mark the New Year!

Merry Christmas! Peaceful and Happy New Year!
Let 2006 be beautiful, like spring, warm like summer, beneficial like autumn and strong and unyielding, like the sea in winter.

Happy Good luck in all that we know how, good luck in everything does not depend on us and the fulfillment of everything you dream!

Happy New!
Meet it with joy; live it with love, send it with success!
Luck and health be your shadow / or permanent guests in your home /.

Olive, ice, martini, cheers for many years! Happy, healthy, cheerful and full year drunk, but not from home-made brandy, and from
LOVE MAGIC! Happy New Year !!!

Be healthy, happy and beneficent.
Let all your deeds be crowned with success
bring satisfaction and joy.

Let these bright holidays
made early
a year in which health and happiness
success are your constant companions,
and the joy of them - immense.

Let the glow of these bright holidays enlighten Your
hearts and bring you health, satisfaction
Forces and Christmas days.

Most sincere wishes for
health and strength;
for fruitful matters; for
warmth and kindness - donated
and received; on days of joy
with smiles and gladness;
for moments of dreams come true.

If we people instead of winners
To be fair, instead of indifferent,
if we are so cordial as intelligent,
if we have such affection as doubts
if we are happy, instead of doing
then perhaps we are good Christians.
Congratulations on your upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays!
Unload hearts than anything else, apart from the forgiveness and kindness.

Awesome cheers, dunks and charming smiles, success in the industry and creases in the hips, health, abundance and joy to frustration. Cheers!

On the morning of New Year
the glamor of the coming days,
Let the joy does not go away
with happiness and love they gave!

Happy to be New Year
happy to be in it all day
from the old year just passed,
only thing you remember!

With light breeze white winter
send you their greetings
I want your life to be days
beautiful bouquet of flowers.

When the old year goes,
and in twelve new born,
I wish you with all my heart to be happy
and let this beautiful night
come true all your good dreams!

Let the New Year's fairy
that brings happiness to people,
this year be the most generous to you!

When the cups overflow in solemn midnight
when the lips are merged into New Year's splendor
a boy / girl approaching,
open your door and you sincerely wishes
Be happy / and in love!

When snowflakes fall quietly into the night,
when in December he sent last night with sadness
remember that someone sends you greetings hot night
lips and softly whisper: Be the happiest in the world!

On the occasion of New Year
my greeting receptions
and let the great joys
you wear the coming days.
Let your dreams come true
in the heart gushing now
and let us never will
place in the heart of sadness.

Snow drifted down quietly
asleep is everywhere earth
Stars tempting flashing
hand intertwined with the hand.
Candles burning out
new year arrives
and I most sincerely wish

Be beautiful and happy!


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