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How The World Celebrates New Year

Are you familiar with Christmas traditions around the world? In Germany DO NOT evening passes without fondue, punch and missiles in Japan hold very much of dumplings in China you throw mandarins into the sea. And how others celebrate?
People are tempted by superstitions, and are highly respected rituals of happiness and contentment. In the New Year around the world can discover the various rituals - all associated with the hope of a better future with more money, love and happiness. In Germany, for example, for this tradition to give away pink marzipan piglets and pours lead. Spaniards are more creative - there anyone he could chew with each chime of the bells at the grape, could want something. Therefore, in Spanish supermarkets sell packages with 12 grapes.
Symbols of happiness and wealth
Unusual application in China finds other fruit - tangerine that unmarried thrown into the sea, hoping for love happiness in the New Year. Otherwise, the Chinese welcome the holiday quietly - with dinner in the family circle or friends. Fireworks will. But much more festive and solemn in China marks the beginning of the lunar New Year - when in fact the whole country freezes for a week. Millions of Chinese head to their home villages. On the eve of the holiday, which is called a celebration of spring, traditionally eat pasta pieces that are reminiscent in shape of old Chinese money and therefore rely bring happiness and wealth. Then they run all night fireworks.
In Japan at the beginning of the New Year even necessarily on the table must have mochi - rice dumplings, which also hold promise happiness and long life. Only in the short term often happens to bring someone Unfortunately, as many are going to choke on the sticky substance of dumplings. To not come to that, there is an excellent recipe for first aid: five strokes on the back of the victim lying on the floor have to reverse the situation and save the stew of painful death.
New Year's Eve the Germans cast lead
Not only food, but also fabrics play a role in many countries around the world on New Year rituals. In Brazil, for example, the New Year is celebrated necessarily in white robes. The color of peace, purity and innocence ensure successful start into the new year. Less innocent is what you wear under outerwear women in Brazil, Italy or Chile - where festive night underwear should be red - a sign of hope for love next year.

Cheers without end!
Notoriously stormy coupons Russians put on the last day of the year, the beginning of a ten-day fiesta. New Year's Eve Santa Claus and his assistants bring gifts, celebrations are made near the tree. After the presidential greeting on television comes time for New Year's toast. Unlike Western churches Russian Orthodox Church is not the Gregorian and Julian calendar - why Christmas is celebrated until January 7th, and the New Year - on the 13th.
Which in turn decided to spend New Year in France, not in any case expect wild celebrations and colorful fireworks. In most areas of the country New Year's Eve passed relatively quietly. Many French people just meet with friends or relatives to dinner emphasis on haute cuisine and champagne. The biggest party rule is organized Chans Elysee, where hundreds of thousands celebrate the New Year.
 Meeting the New Year outdoors has become a tradition for Parisians
Meeting the New Year outdoors has become a tradition for Parisians
And Britain has no tradition houses to light fireworks on New Year's - their day is November 5 - the day that the officer Guy Fawkes tried to organize an attack against King Jacob first. However, there are large organized fireworks - especially around the huge Ferris wheel Thames called "London Eye". The performance was transmitted live on television.
Red brings good luck!
In Italy, as already mentioned, not necessarily red underwear on New Year's night - if you want, of course, be happy and have success. So in the days before New Year storefronts "turn red" - from lace panties to boxers - everything should be red. In the center of the table is usually the traditional knuckle and lentils - it believes that solid food will bring happiness in monetary matters.
In the United States, especially in the south, a traditional dish for the holiday is the lens - because the grains somewhat resemble coins should bring luck and joy in the financial plan. There are areas where the emphasis of sauerkraut, but the main rule in the first day of the new year is that nothing should not leave the house, even garbage. Who violates the rule is threatened by misfortune.

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