Thursday, 24 November 2016

How To Spend New Year-Best Ideas

Here are some quick ideas and tips on how to spend New Year in the best possible way. Take a look at our suggestions for that special evening.

Immediately after the New Year Eve shower:

Brush your body with lotion or oil, but let the flavor is rich, load, brings you a nice feeling. Very well be set with perfume and roll on-a. Aromas affect our mood, self-esteem. The skin will be refreshed and you will feel great.

Hair. Comb it carefully, if you apply a styling product, leave-in conditioner, oil or crystals - the point is, while still slightly damp. Allow to dry, just so A-, possibly without hair. He and without this you will need a haircut. If you want big curls, put the rolls now.

While the hair dries, ensure manicure. Hand skin after a bath is the most susceptible to manipulation. Remove old polish gently wash from nail polish remover, make sure to cuticles. Then gently file off with nail polishing file, apply on the nail, then paint itself should top coat. You can make a spectacular and manicure, and if you know how, but also a fresh tone of well-kept nails is sufficient. It would be better to decide on the outfit to have color harmony. But not the contrast wall paint also has a modern, though still something having to "tie."

While dry manicure - check your mail, social networks, listen to someone dear person on the phone, look at the photos from last year - everything you kPa to smile, but do not forget to keep nails. Use the time to plan your outfit and makeup, hairstyle.

The day progressed and it is time to prepare the merits. Measure the clothes that you have allocated. Are you comfortable with them, what will combine them, what bag will accompany them and what you put into it? Not wear clothes or combine it with shoes you especially who put first. The inconvenience will feel not immediately, but will be at a time when nothing can change. If there are numerous dance shoes must be comfortable and tested in extreme conditions, such as dancing until dawn.

The hair is very important. If you plan to paint - do not do it just on 31 December, unless strictly necessary. And is your usual color. Surprises can be very unpleasant in terms of hair dyes. You can do curls or straighten your hair with a press, you can leave your hair free or to pick it up in a bun - importantly hairstyle is simple to fix easily if it breaks down. Apply polish and so little hair.

Finally pinch makeup. Many people advise how the New Year he must be a "party", "crazy" and unusual.

To put shadows or bright brocade. If you involve such a vision and know how to achieve it, there is nothing wrong. In any case should not be too heavy and constantly thinking whether it melted. Bet on what suits you, but let's not everyday you still "camouflage." The good thing about the avant-garde makeup is that it instantly attracts the attention, but the worst thing is that not always with approval. Really you should experience. Ensure good basis - with cream- make-up base and qualitative foundation. Shadows are based outfit, lipstick and they should not "fight" to focus on the face and let the spiral is not too much.

Put on, look for last. Check everything you did you get in your bag and go, do not have time - New Year's coming!

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