Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Happy New Year Jokes, Messages and Funny Texts

Jokes and Funny SMS are the very important part of daily life and we want to send the messages of jokes or funny texts on New year eve to our friends. Happy New Year Jokes is all about happiness and good messages shall help to spread the happiness in every corner of the world.
These special messages for your special one may give a beautiful smile on your face and pass on the beautiful smile to your loved one’s face. Check this exclusive collection of the funny messages for happy new year

Happy New Year  Jokes and Funny Message

This year shall make you make older, but I am sure your sweetness shall always be there and you shall be more tastier than always, because old wine is more tastier :p Happy New Year

Getting the wrong things done is the dude thing which you always do
Getting the wrong things done in right manner is true man thing which I always do
Happy New Year to my dear loser

In the advance world of 20th century
In an advanced manner
To a advanced man
Happy New Year

Happy New Year  Funny Messages

Rules for New Year Eve
1) Not to take any excessive tension and problem
2) Always Be positive and Live positive
3) Be a cool dude always with your loving ones
4) Solve the problems after taking the both sides
5) Always message me on the time and first :p
Happy New Year Eve

Funny Text of Happy New Year

Do the prayer of mobile phone and insert it in a piece of Airtight glass
And Do not open it till one year and put it in a museum
Or do some work and send me the messages of love and New Year
Happy New Year

Wheel of the life always rotate around you and you never knows which part you are in, May you get happiness in every roll of this wheel every year after year , Happy New Year Eve

Happy New Year  Jokes

You are Very much awesome and smart like any food
Your looks always attract rhinos
Your smile is a kilometer long
But with me you always look awesome
So stay with me, Happy New Year
Smartness and coolness you should learn from me
It would make you more cool and smart
Have a blast and enjoy your new year eve
Happy New Year

Happy New Year Funny SMS, Messages

Red is the color of Happiness and Fire
Blue is the color of coolness and snow
Green is the color of life
May all these colors give good colors in your life
Happy New Year Eve


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