Thursday, 17 November 2016

Best Collection of Happy New Year Greetings For Facebook

I wish you in the new year from heart to carry out your dreams and discover who are the ones that was worth and what those who were just an illusion. I wish very sincere laugh, because as it is an important thing, it can be more important than a sincere smile. I want a pure heart and a genuine, sincere people close to be really rich. I want everything you need and everything you have. I want the freedom to choose their own path and their dreams and to do so easily. Accept our best wishes for New Year Happy New Year, to a new beginning, a new day!

* * *
Let the New Year bring you everything
which can not be bought with money -
love, wisdom, truth
and money for everything else!

* * *
Happy New Year!
I wish you the best of the old year
is the worst in the new!

* * *
Here's the New Year quietly enter through the chimney
and would harm you health, happiness, good luck!

* * *
My New Year's wish for you in the New Year, to have 12 months luck, success 52 weeks, 365 days of sex, love 8760 hours, 525,600 minutes happiness, health 31,536,000 seconds!

* * *
When the cups overflow in solemn night
when the lips are merged into New Year's splendor
one heart approach opens your door
and sincerely wishes you "Be happy in love!"

* * *
When the old year meet his sister,
when his wine sparkles in your hand
let this be a beautiful night for you super happy
and all year round!
* * *

Happy New Year!
Let's welcome her with joy
Live with love
and send it to success !!
* * *
Year, which is set by handfuls of health and love to give!
Cash and joy, happiness, good luck in the next 365!
* * *
In the new year I wish you the strength of the wind, courage beasts wisdom of the ages and the love of the gods!
* * *
Let the new year health be your first mate and good fortune to the king!
Much joy in our hearts and peace in the soul!
* * *
Let the New Year's fairy that brings happiness to people this year to be the most generous to you!
* * *
Let us learn to forgive, let's slowly getting older, let's more to love yourself to look like. Let's be better not only in the holidays! I wish you Happy New Year!!
* * *
Let this bright night hours until you reach my Christmas wishes for health, happiness, good luck and basket come true desires!
* * *

New Year risk the courage, live truly beautiful, because life is a struggle, and I wish you victory!
* * *
Accept my best wishes for a bright New Year health, lots of sun and inspiration in the new year! Let the days her to accompany you love and a lot of real things!
Let there be many new beginnings, happiness is your dream come true!
* * *
Let the new year they hug for me!
Let her kiss kiss of eternal youth and enlighten your way to a happy future!
Let into the crystal tinkling of glasses New Year's Eve come true all your dreams and wishes!
* * *
Be glad you and just face the New Year!
With smiles, songs and jokes your friends and receptions throughout the year, be happy!
* * *
Happy New Year! I wish you good health - it has always needed a lot of happiness - it is never enough
Sea of ​​love and beach, which are always waiting for someone!
* * *
When twelve clear ringing resound in the night
when two arrows merged into one,
when two years pass in the same hour,
then happiness and joy I wish I!
* * *
When the arrows at 12.00 merge
and ringing silence awaken
pelvis happy minutes
I wish you much joy and success!
* * *
On the occasion of my New Year greeting Entertainment
and let us bring you great joy coming days.
Let your dreams come true is in the heart gushing now
and there will never be room for sadness!
* * *
Let us not count the days and a lot of money to us!
Let's live a crazy and every day is a miracle!
Let evil sleeping under a rock and water us go!
* * *
Snow drifted down quietly
asleep is everywhere earth
Stars tempting flashing
hand intertwined with the hand.
Fickle candles burning out
new year arrives
and I most sincerely wish
Be happy and welcome!
* * *
When snowflakes fall quietly into the night,
when in December he sent last night with sadness
remember that someone sends you greetings hot night
lips and softly whisper: Be the happiest in the world!
* * *
When the old year goes, and in twelve new born,
I wish you with all my heart to be happy and let this beautiful night come true all your good dreams!
* * *
With bright white winter breeze will send you his greetings,
I want your life to be days beautiful bouquet of flowers!
* * *

Happy New Year is happy to be in it all day
from the old year just passed, you remember only the good!
* * *

Let the new year bring you the best that the old have failed, let's start a more beautiful life filled with smiles and love!
* * *
Exactly at 24:00 Champagne let open,
is pouring in glasses it will speak,
that the New Year is here
rain and snow out like cotton.
I wish you health and luck
and to go forward with success
And what is in your heart,
embrace tenderly in both hands!
* * *
Most sincere wishes for
health and strength;
for fruitful matters; for
warmth and kindness -
and received;
on days of joy
with smiles and gladness;
for moments of dreams come true!
* * *
Let these bright holidays make the beginning of a year in which health and happiness
success are your constant companions, and the joy of them - immense.
* * *
Olive, ice, martini,
Cheers for many years!
Happy, healthy, cheerful
and all year drunk
but not like brandy
of love and magic!
Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
Gold grade levels
red apple in the garden
full house with silk!
Being alive and healthy next year,
next year to Amen

* * *
Happy New Year!
Do you happy!
And today I to the amine
Joy to your heart's content!
Abundant fruit in the gardens
Wheat on fields
And in pens has twins -
Lambs playful!
Lovely spring strong summer
Fruitful autumn!

Oak dike in field
Its peak reaches only the sky;
Branches down to the ground
And the ranks of the leaves:
"How many flowers in the fields,
So much joy of heart!
Live healthy to year
a year to the amine. "

* * *
Surva merry year
a year to the amine.
Health, happiness and roses
Wine in double doses
furious sex in all positions,
We wish you
by Santa Claus!

* * *
Surva surva, Merry year.
Next year to the amine.
Health it fell.
No longer nasty disease,
healthy to this year
lively, cheerful - to the amine ...

* * *
Surva surva, Merry year.
Next year to the amine.
You fell today steam -
no more to pay
to wonder, to maesh
how to connect both ends ...
Let's have a distant time,
to wander eternally doomed,
but here in your native house
a love you back.
By year to the amine
to bask in the fireplace!

* * *
Surva surva, Merry year.
Next year to the amine.
Once you find from dogwood twig
it is like an icon -
your faith in this hour
will grow, I know.
Chesanche - clove thin
Devils chase ends up back outside,
And with flake lentil
wait they love hot!
Love, if you fall
It will be a day to noon
I would love sweet as honey
and hopefully draw this very lucky.

* * *
Surva surva, Merry year.
Next year to the amine.
Taz year it will Vesselie
this is normal life,
to queue coupon after coupon
while you wait to give them voice.
This year a lot of love
and even lost love,
do not hesitate to file hand
he world of yore go so.
Surva surva, Merry year.
Next year to the amine.

* * *

Surva surva, Merry year.
Next year to the amine.
December work hard pelvis year
no way, the time that has passed,
who wants to be well shod,
You will need to make a little work.

* * *

Surva surva, Merry year.
Next year to the amine.
Let's indomitable
like dinosaur Rex.
And in the new year
hast thou passionate sex.
Money, wealth, abundance
you wait for the New Year
but with them you happy man
tell us in December next year.
And throughout the year
be healthy and cheerful, and strong

* * *

Happy Happy New year!
Next year to the amine.
All your dreams come true
as long as truly want,
and laziness do not squeal!
Being healthy, being rich,
and infinite grace.

* * *
Happy Happy New year!
Give time, Snowflake, to mine -
house to crawl,
to delight children.
Happy Happy New year!
laughing with band
in order to walk alongside,
revelry, everywhere joy to lead.
Happy Happy New year!
Fruit unprecedented in garden
many herds in the fields,
pure gold in the fields!
Happy Happy New year!
to eat from jolly dinner
to be healthy and happy!

* * *


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