Thursday, 17 November 2016

6 Original Gifts For Women For New Year

With the approach of the New year holidays many men are facing dramatic question "What to gift your spouse?". If she is fond of fashion, then the question has 6 universal answer. See our suggestions of 6 ideas for  New year gifts for women.

6 ideas for New Year gifts for women
Scarf, hat, gloves

Eternal trio winter is never superfluous in the wardrobe of a woman. It can give only one of the three or to do a set. If you choose a scarf, we are advised to navigate round crocheted models, as are more recent. When you fashionable hats are as knitted with pompon and French models and jockey caps. As for the gloves, look for a model mittens or leather.

Purse or bag?
Another model in the collection is never superfluous. Accessories are a weakness of many women, so your wallet or purse is always an option for a  New year gift for the ladies.

Here, however, you should better knowing the tastes of the gift recipient to choose the right model. At stake on bulky bags with short handles model or pattern in bright colors. Backpack is also a favorite among the trends. In purse will not go wrong if you give away model in bright red - it is believed that it attracts wealth.

Marilyn Monroe is said that diamonds are the best friend of a woman. Even if you can not follow her advice, try another spectacular jewel. Select a ring with a stone according to the sign, delicate crystal pendant, classic pearl earrings vintage broadcast or set of bracelets Bohol style

Warm sweater
Knitting are timeless classics when it comes to winter fashion. Every woman has at least one dense, thick sweater, which fight the cold. Choose a classic color, if you are not sure - black, white, red or blue are nuances that many people like, and are part of the seasonal trends.

On the model, this year designers give you freedom. Voluminous sweaters are very popular, the same goes for the cut-out patterns.

Sexy Lingerie
Body, panties, lacy bra, sheer gown or satin robe - these are just some of the options for sexy lingerie, which can stop for a gift for  New year.

Comfortable slippers
Many people underestimate the domestic clothing, they do not want to invest in it. But the truth is that some comfortable and soft slippers will make everyone feel more cozy and comfortable home. We advise you to choose the type of boot slippers or low, inside and fluff with a ribbon on top.

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