Thursday, 24 November 2016

25 Fresh Ideas For New Year's Eve That Will Inspire You

Today we offer some very interesting interior solutions, which you can rejoice guests in New Year's Eve. 1. Gold and White If you want your interior is really festive New Year decorate it with a little gold. Golden moderately present in the interiors in Baroque style, Empire and Art Deco. In the contemporary setting of gold accessories, details and ornaments also fit well. Gilded dishes with simple form it will be a wonderful decoration for the festive table. Background color you can choose any shade, but most solemn stands combination of gold and white decor This can be called classic - white walls, sculptured arches and cornices, strictly styled fireplace, hardwood floors and elegant crystal chandelier. Only chairs with a modern design. It is convenient to the dining room to have additional furniture - such a small cabinet. You can put it on the containers and decorative accessories, and inside you can keep spare cutlery. Instead socks gift, you can use something massive - boots. Formed in appropriate color and decorated with imitation leather, they will look fresh and enjoyable. Just be careful not to put them on your shoes instead of New Year's Eve. The flames of the candles reflected in playful gilded surfaces of the vases and glasses. Snow-white napkins are embroidered with gold thread. The ideal table for a celebration! If you have a problem with candlesticks (not suitable for color or size), use tea cups. Swimming in the water candle burn too long. If you have other glasses Old Services coffee, do not rush to throw them away. Hang them on the holiday tree - they are a great ornament. This will also save money for the family budget. Experience proves that you do not even buy tree. You can simply bring the park dry branch of a tree, put it in a beautiful vase and decorate it with coffee cups, tied with gold ribbons ... Beautiful, is not it?

 2. Red and white Red is very active, so you can quickly tired not only the owners of the house, but also the guests. So should be used carefully. Only one wall, painted in red, red present and accessories - decorative pillows, tablecloths, toys tree. Meanwhile, a basic white color is used. But red-white interior would seem incomplete without one more traditional holiday color - green. Green plants will enliven the festive table and serving meals can decorate with fir twigs. In contrast so shaped dining room, will best not to clutter the table with elaborate decoration. White ceramic or porcelain, transparent glasses - a simple but successful solution. Bowl of fruit can be adorned with fluffy fir twigs, a few toys and ribbon. So guaranteed to cause a festive mood! Red is a very intense color, so a festive mood will suffice only a few red accessories. For example tablecloth and candles. The gifts are beautifully arranged under the tree. Some of them Catholic tradition can be put in Longstocking. Furniture made of light natural wood are the most suitable for this color range. The tree is an indispensable attribute of the New Year celebration. In an extreme case, you can replace it with a composition of candles, garland and toys for Christmas tree. 3. Snow and ice Few color combinations can be compared to a romance with a combination of white and light blue. The impression can be enhanced with accessories in country style. In our case, Chair covers are sewn from unbleached linen and decorated with colored edging. In the same style and are decorated pillows. Tree toys are also carefully chosen - large silver balls with airy white pattern. You can decorate dishes with toy tree of your choice - a transparent ball or snowy Christmas tree. The composition will be complemented perfectly with a suitable color ribbon. You can diversify your table with plates of the same color, but with a different ornament. Another original idea of ​​serving utensils. Knives, forks and spoons were stored in specially tailored for this purpose covers, decorated with colored edging. Additional decoration is a thin white ribbon. Toys for Christmas tree can be of any shape and made of different materials. It is important to not violate the color scheme of the interior. 4. Red, yellow and white colors perfect for winter holidays will be red and white. These colors are traditional Catholic Christmas. Red and white combine well with yellow - this color in our painted walls of the dining room. To table most suitable will be transparent glasses and white ceramic plates. Required items are high wine glasses and champagne, as well as several plates with different diameter - for example, appetizer, main dish and dessert. Decorative elements on the table may be candlesticks, napkin with Christmas themed patterns and various toys for the Christmas tree. In the base plate is placed one smaller, and top - even less. Garnish top with a heart, trimmed with lace. Folded three red linen napkin decorated with Christmas trees of read beads. If desired, you can add other motives - polar bears, etc. No feast without dessert! Pay attention to pastry - they are selected to match the primary colors on the table and therefore serve as an additional element of decor. You can diversify your table using toys tree. Glass balls and garlands will stay on the table no less festive than a tree. And will surely improve your mood! 5. black and white design solution that some might it seemed too daring. The black color, however, had long since become an integral element in the palette of toys for Christmas tree and other attributes of the New Year celebration. Furthermore, black is usually combined with white, and this combination is unbeatable in solemnity and theatricality. However, if you decide to decorate your interior in black and white range, do not overdo it with dark color. Black should be used sparingly, in our case the walls are black and only a few elements of the decor. The warmth and coziness in this room due to the carefully selected interior objects. All furniture is made from light wood, the same goes for the orchestra. Despite the unusual decor, gifts are left traditional place under the tree. To preserve the color gamut, packed in black and white. The ideal arrangement for the table in black and white - clear glass and white ceramics. They invoke associations of ice and snow. Some of us prefer artificial trees and there's a variety of reasons. In case such reason is the color scheme of the interior. Black toys are best against the white fir twigs.

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